• Multiple Locations.
  • The ability to restrict login per location.
  • Multiple Departments.
  • Departments per location.
  • Assign Department heads.
  • Multiple Parent and Subdepartments.
  • Break Time per department.
  • Automatic Time Deductions per department.
  • Automatic Time Deduction of extra hours from total hours.
  • Work codes - Useful if one employee works in multiple departments.
  • Default Leave Entitlement for each employee in a department.
  • Delegation - Leave and Overtime Approvals can be delegated.
  • Multiple Job Titles.
  • Companywide and department specific policies & procedures viewable in the job portal.
  • Default Companywide working days.
  • Multiple Banks Setup.
  • Device Registration to limit clock ins by the device.
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Employee Information System

  • Add / Import Employees.
  • Employment Contract, including Salary, Payment Frequency, Allowances, Deductions, Commissions, Benefits, Reimbursement, and Off Days.
  • Basic Information.
  • Personal Details, including Bio, Social Accounts, Emergency Contacts, Bank Account Details, and a Document Manager.
  • Detailed Customized Roles and Permissions
  • Shift and scheduling.
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    • Photo Capture Timeclock App (4 setup options):
    • Employee ID and Photo.
    • Employee ID and Facial Recognition.
    • overtime management
    • Employee Username, Password, and Photo.
    • Facial Recognition with Liveness Detection (No ID).
    • Clock in/out from the Employee Portal.
    • Manual Entry.

Leave Management

  • Unlimited number of Leave Types, with features such as:
      Paid/Unpaid status.
      Gender-based accessibility.
      Paid more than entitlement.
      Earned Leave (Entitled Leave is earned).
      Restricted access to leave type until a specific time period has passed.
      Association of comp-time with this leave type.
  • Leave Entitlements.
  • Leave Requests – submitted from the employee portal or added by the supervisor; attachments are permitted.

Staff Scheduling Software

  • Publish schedules in advance.
  • View Total Hours and Cost per employee.
  • Easily move employees time between dates.
  • Account for Holiday Hours, Leave Hours, and Shift times to manage costs for special events.
  • Off day functionality for employees not entitled to Holiday pay.

HR - Employment and Training

Employment Letters with a directory for frequently used addresses.

  • Letters can be requested directly from the employee portal or entered by the HR Department.
  • Automatic Generation of Employee Letters from system data.
  • Customizable Employee Letter Templates.

Training with multiple options such as:

  • Assigning trainers.
  • Allocating Training Skills and Sessions, with the ability to:
  • Assign multiple employees to a training session.
  • Assign training cost.
  • Perform Ratings and Reviews.
  • Training Calendar.

Applicant Tracking System with a built-in workflow for

  • Job posting.
  • Candidate Review.
  • Interview Selection.
  • Candidate selected registration.

Performance Evaluation

  • Competency Categories.
  • List of competencies per category.
  • Set competency levels per job title and assign as KPIs.
  • Key Performance Appraisal based on KPIs.


  • Goal Types.
  • Goals with Target Achievement Levels.
  • Ability to add Projects, Tasks, Trainings, Awards, and Travel to track goal progress.
  • Goal rating system.
  • Goal Calendars.

Job Board

  • Public landing page to display jobs and accept job applications (example: yourname.bovihr.com/jobs).
  • Allow multiple applicants for the same position.
  • Integration with Applicant Tracking.
  • Modern look and feel.

Disciplinary Module

A module to manage disciplinary actions and related documentation


Managed through Roles and Permissions, allowing new employees to review company policies, department specific documentation, upload documents, and update their profile.

Awards Module

A system for tracking and managing employee awards and recognitions.

Complaints Module

A platform for employees to file complaints, which can then be addressed by HR.

Promotions Module

Tools to manage and track employee promotions within the organization.

Employee Exit Module

A system to handle employee exits, including resignation, retirement, and termination processes.


Track company assets assigned to each employee, including categories, brand, warranty, purchase date, invoice number, and serial numbers.

Vacation Payout

Allow employees to maintain a rollover preference within a company-mandated rollover maximum.

Travel Request & Authorization Module

Manage and authorize employee travel requests.


Employees can request from the employee portal, or it can be entered by HR. Once approved, access to the system is denied, and pending vacation days are calculated.


Manage the process of an employee leaving, with calculations for notice period pay, severance pay, and due vacation days.

Employee Events

Manage events, assign specific employees, and utilize an event calendar.

Conference Booking

Book employees to participate in conferences and manage through a conference calendar.


Employees can submit HR related issues and track the status of their requests until completion.

Payroll and Compensation

Salary Components

  • Manage unlimited salary components with fixed or percentage based calculations and assign them to specific employees.

Payroll Items

  • Manage unlimited Payroll Items (Varies each pay period) with fixed or percentage-based calculations and assign them to specific employees.
  • Payroll item values can also be imported for a specific pay period making it easy for larger organizations to add bonus, gratuity, and the likes.

Customizable Payroll Setup

  • Includes Regular Hours, Weekly Hours, Payroll Cutoff Date, and Payment Frequencies (Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Bimonthly, Monthly).

Loans & Salary Advance management

Payroll Review/Audit

  • Easily exported to Excel.

Pay Slip distribution

  • Creation and distribution of Payslips, with options for emailing, bulk printing, and employee portal access for printing.

Statutory Reports

  • Customized statutory reports for specific jurisdictions, with current reports available in the system for the British Virgin Islands (BVI).