Integrated Attendance, HR & Payroll

BoVi HR brings together time tracking, HR management, and payroll processing in one intuitive platform. Customizable and compliant, it's the smart solution for any business looking to elevate their HR operations.

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Everything you need in one HR software.

Time & Attendance

Streamline the way you monitor employee hours, leave, schedules, and overtime. Embrace efficiency with our integrated Android app, complete with photo capture for verifiable time tracking. Simplify time management at your fingertips.

HR Management

Transform your HR operations with our comprehensive suite of tools. From seamless onboarding to performance tracking, and a robust self-service employee portal - every aspect of your HR workflow is optimized for excellence. Keep on top of trainings, manage disciplinary actions, and celebrate achievements with ease.

EZ Payroll

Simplify your payroll with our flexible system designed to adapt to any payment frequency. From daily to monthly cycles, manage leaves, bonuses, and more with precision. Automate payslip distribution and dive into detailed statutory reports. Our payroll solution is tailored for global compliance, ready to grow with your business.


Save Time and Money

Automated Core HR solution provides business perks like decreased costs. An HR employee has more time on more meaningful tasks, while a company has increased savings. Though BoVi HR is Enterprise ready, non-technical users in smaller offices will find it very user-friendly. Because everything is integrated, Payroll can be completed in minutes instead of hours.

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Approve Requests

Get notifications for all approvals that require your action. Speed up the entire approval process and streamline communication.

Track Attendance

Request and approve time-off requests with ease, visualize absences in real-time with shared Out-of-office Calendar.

Personal Data

Access your personal employee records, including job contracts and documents. Upload and edit files on the go.

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